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Top 7% of Shopify Launched Sites

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Monthly Increase In Website Traffic

Company Goals

Canadian Auto Performance ( CAP ) supplies high-end automotive parts such as cosmetics and tunes for your cars. Majority of their sales were coming from relationships they nurtured overtime. This resulted in slower growth than expected. With growth and sustainability in mind, they started to brainstorm their options. They determined that becoming an online business would be the best fit for them. The ability to have an online store gives CAP the opportunity to drive quick decision making for marketing and pricing strategies.

Company Results

For a small company, this was the right step in the right direction. With our help, Canadian Auto Performace decided to go for Shopify; primarily because of their reputation and their ease to use platform. After a consultation with our team, CAP understood Florind could help grow their business. Not long after we launched, we started shipping all over the world. Including Asia, Europe and North America.

The results: CAP rose to the  top 7% of Shopify visited sites! BME’s SEO services increased traffic to their website by 20%. Beyond this CAP is now set up to launch advertising campaigns across Facebook & Instagram. Florind and the team at BME has set up CAP for success in the digital world.

CAP’s Words

“The investment in my business through BME’s marketing services has paid dividends that I will expect to reap for many years to come.”