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Case Study

This allergy-friendly cookie brand wanted to drive awareness in communities that their flavors were now available at their local Wegmans. By working with Metalla Digital, they were able to segment and target the right geographic consumers, while rapidly increasing their website ROAS in the process.

increase in monthly ad spend

decrease in cost per purchase

increase in monthly revenue

Their Story

Delicious Treats That Anyone can eat

Allergy Smart, founded by Mom-Boss Stacy, creates top 10 allergen-free cookies that taste incredible. As a vegan with food sensitivities in the 90s, Stacy struggled to find satisfying snacks. Her passion for delicious, inclusive options drives the brand’s success, catering to those with dietary restrictions and anyone seeking indulgence without compromise.

Initially, they had no brand awareness in the communities where their product was available. We introduced these communities to Allergy Smart and drove sales at Wegmans by offering an exclusive coupon redeemable with email registration. We then leveraged this new data by retargeting via paid ads and creating automated email flows, increasing website conversions and boosting overall sales.

AllergySmart 2 2

The Goal

Driving Awareness to Wegmans
+ Growing Email List
+ Website Sales

Allergy Smart wanted to continuously scale at a highly profitable rate while converting prospects brought to their site from store traffic campaigns.

The Solution

Brand Awareness and Retargeting

Allergy Smart 4 1

With the massive amount of traffic driven to the website and emails collected there were hundreds of thousands of users that did not convert on the first visit. We formulated a plan to retarget these customers via two sales channels – paid ads and email marketing. Through these efforts we were able to achieve upwards of a 4X return on ad spend and increased retargeting spend by over 487% in the span of one month. Using our proprietary strategy we found a winning creative formula and developed a retargeting strategy.

The team used multiple tools and features to assist Allergy Smart in optimizing their overall campaign performance. Allergy Smart then wanted to scale their cold traffic website conversions using Facebook & Instagram ads. Using a tailored placement structure we helped prioritize the placements that resulted in the lowest cost per conversion across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

The Result

A Better Solution
+ Increase in Email Subs
+ Increase in Returning Customers

We capitalized on the traffic sent to the website to drive awareness and increase email subscriptions, enabling us to continue selling to them via automated email marketing. Leveraging platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we created lookalike audiences and retargeting audiences on Meta with custom-fit creatives tailored for the audience. This strategic approach led to a 215% decrease in cost per purchase and an 817% increase in monthly ad spend. The increased email subscriptions played a crucial role in nurturing leads and driving conversions, further contributing to the campaign’s success.

increase in ROAS across all campaigns

lift in returning customer rate

increase in total impressions

We’re a hyper-focused team with our eyes set on scaling handpicked brands forward. Driven by a high-performing team with a dedicated focus on understanding niche markets, we pride ourselves on our ability to pinpoint the exact factors that drive product success.